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Hi! Welcome to AssureShifting directory.

Are you planning to shift your home, office, commercial or industrial building? You’re at the right place because Assure Shifting is one of the best solutions for you to get your relocation work done easily. Let’s understand Assure Shifting in deep below.

Packers and Movers at AssureShifting.in

Packers and Movers at Assure Shifting are the best professional service providers, who will pack and move your belongings including furniture, suitcases, artifacts, bikes, cars and other items safely. With the help of service providers, the relocation of home or office becomes easier and safer. Now you can depend on Packers and Movers services to make your relocation process much easier. Moreover, these service providers are highly skilled in their work. As you all know that shifting from one city to another has never been an easy task and it consumes much of your time. So make sure you always prefer Packers and Movers to make your relocation easy, safe, and less time consuming.

Our Aim, Vision, and Mission

India is a fast growing country, so are its citizens. Every year, month, week, and day someone is shifting to somewhere. For example, people shifting their home, companies are moving their offices and other commercial transportation is happening across the country. So for proper shifting of goods they need a reliable and trusted packing and moving company. At Assure Shifting, you will not see the shortage of quality services and also you will find the services which are suitable and cheaper one for you. However, you might find it hard to go with particular Packers and Movers service providing company because there are lots of companies available in the market. Therefore, to ease out your problem we have made a reference portal with excellent user experience that helps you in find the best service provider company.

Our ultimate aim is just to provide you the verified and trusted references so you can make right decision and get value for your money.

How AssureShifting works?

To be very clear, AssureShifting works on different level means it works for both customers as well as for businesses. For customers, it provides list of companies offering Packers and Movers services to them whereas for businesses. It generates sales by putting their Company’s name in the list. AssureShifting makes work easy, as being a directory it provides information regarding the service to customers. In this digitized marketing world, searching anything on internet is easy but finding the quality and assured services are difficult that’s what AssureShifting directory does. It helps customers find the best Packers and Movers services for their relocation of home, office, apartment, building, industry etc.

Let’s see how AssureShifting helps customers:

  • It helps customers find them the best services so that they can avail the services fully.

  • Assure Shifting makes customers sure about the 100% security in its work. Thereby it helps build customers trust in the services provided by AssureShifting.

  • Also there is no involvement of third-party in AssureShifting that’s why customers can directly approach them.

Now see how AssureShifting works for businesses:

  • First of all, AssureShifting lists all the businesses in the directory. Then further businesses are categorized by location, reviews, rating, size, etc. It becomes easy for customers to search for services based on their locality.

  • AssureShifting helps businesses generate more and more leads from local customers.

  • It also makes businesses easily available for local results.

AssureShifting Packers and Movers also offer Bikes and Cars shifting across India.

Whenever people relocate their home from one place to another or from one city to another they’re likely to take their vehicles with them if they have so. Many people sell their old and malfunctioning vehicles but not everyone does this. However, there are people who have bikes and cars which they too want to get shipped with their home or office shifting. That’s why AssureShifting provides you the complete suite of transportation shifting services for your bikes and cars.

Furthermore, we will make all your bikes and cars transportation work easier for you. We always value our customers and keep their comfort as our top priority that’s why we connect our customers to the top vehicle transport companies with a high trust factor. Our professionals ensure the full safety of your vehicles and patiently deliver them to the destined place without causing damage to them. AssureShifting connects you to the best services for bike and car transportation in India that can save your precious time, efforts, and money. Therefore, you can choose the company which offers you best affordable price to transport your vehicles.

Some benefits of hiring the Packers and Movers service providing companies

  • Verified company and professionals: AssureShifting provides you the list of companies that have professionals having many years of experience in the same field. AssureShifting provides you the top-rated, government-licensed, and ISO-certified Packers and Movers.

  • Door-to-Door services: Many companies might not provide you the door-to-door services but AssureShifting companies are good at providing door-to-door services. Here professionals will pack your things from the mentioned location and deliver it to the destination place.

  • High-quality packing: Shifting is all about packing valuable things safely so that no damage is caused to them. Service providers use high-quality boxes and many layers of packing system to pack your items. They also use painter’s tape to seal all the boxes.

  • Speedy delivery of services: Companies value the precious time of customers and deliver their valuable items on time. Every service provider is so efficient in their work that they know the easy ways and routes to deliver things to you. Thereby, you no need to wait unnecessarily for things to arrive.

  • AssureShifting insurance guarantee: If not every company then AssureShifting companies surely provides you the guarantee of certain amount against damage caused to your goods during relocation by our professionals. Although, Companies provide experienced and professional movers so there is no need to worry.

Our suggestions and tips for you while relocating

  • First, you should take pictures of your belongings that you’re going to get moved. Having pictures in your phone ensure you about your goods.

  • If you want then you can also take pictures of your electronic setup as a reference for you or electrician to set up your equipment in the new house or office exactly the way they were fixed earlier.

  • Do not try to overstuff your boxes with irrelevant items. The best way to fill the boxes is from right to the top to avoid the items from being crushed or damaged. If you try to fill box beyond its capacity then chances are it will surely tear up.

  • Always try to pack heavy items first. Pack your heavy items in the bottom and then place your lightweight items over.

  • In case if you have books then use small boxes for them. Books fall in heavy weight category so to pack them in multiple small boxes will ensure they won’t fall out.

How to check which is the best Packers and Movers service providing Company?

It’s very important to check which company is best for you to move your items. For this you need to know certain points through which you will know what you can look for in a company. Below given are some points:

  • Before you hire any Packers and Movers Company, make sure you research about that company first and get to know whether the company is credible and reputable or not.

  • Then you can also check the company’s website and read the testimonials and reviews of their past customers and see what experience they had with them.

  • You can also verify whether the company provides you the coverage insurance in case any damage occurs to the item.

  • Also beware of the hidden costs and additional charges. There are many who might charge you additional cost for their services even without informing you in advance. So you need to ask them in advance whether there are any additional GST charges or not.

  • You also have to make sure that Packers and Movers Company is licensed and insured. If movers are certified that means your valuable items are in safe hand.

What are the tips to reduce the moving cost?

The cost of hiring Packers and Movers basically depends upon the location i.e. starting place to destined place. And the cost depends upon this only which might be high so you can reduce it to certain amount by following the given tips. Let’s read them below:

  • The very first step to reduce the moving cost is to compare the prices of different companies and hire the one that is more affordable but make sure the quality of services must be good.

  • Try to book your moving services in advance (at least six weeks prior to your moving day). Advance booking help you negotiate and you can also look for additional savings.

  • You must know that moving rates are often less during weekends. So you can try to shift your home or office during weekends as it might help you save money.

  • You can also reduce certain amount of money by reducing your items because moving charges also depend on the number of items you want to get moved. So it’s better you sell your unnecessary items, old, waste goods or items which will help you reduce your moving charges.

  • You can also purchase you bulk moving packaging supplies like moving tape and bubble wrap. You can buy these items if you’re getting them in cheap price than what company is offering you.

Frequently Asked Questions on AssureShifting.in (FAQs)

1. What if there is any damage done to any item during relocation?

AssureShifting always ensure the safe delivery of goods but in case any damage caused to your items by our professionals then we provide insurance coverage facility too.

2. What kinds of boxes are used for packing?

The boxes which Packers and Movers use are high-quality water proof boxes that all the valuables and items are packed safely. However, in case of delicate items, special foam and similar materials are used and finally seal with painter’s tape.

3. How much time will it take to load and unload my items?

Loading and unloading of items are purely depending upon the number of items you have and you want to move. However, the approximate time to load and unload the items might take one to three hours.

4. How earlier should I book the Packers and Movers Company?

It is always recommended to book services in advance so that you can ask professional to assist you in advance about packing, moving and sifting. Try to book your services 5 days prior shifting your home.

5. What are the responsibilities of Packers and Movers service providers?

Packers and Movers service providing professionals take care of entire shifting process carefully right from the beginning of packing items and transporting them safely to destined place. Their task is properly pack, move, load, unload, shift, dissembling, transporting, and final placement.

6. Why should I go with Packers and Movers from AssureShifting?

Packers and Movers from AssureShifting are verified, trusted, and well-trained professionals who do their work with great care. We provide the experienced workers having years of experience in the same field. Therefore, you can trust AssureShifting for providing you the great services.

7. What if my bike or car gets damaged during the shifting?

We always take special care while moving bike and car. Movers at AssureShifting are highly professionals and experts who ensure you to move your vehicles with great safety. In case, if any damage caused to your vehicle, you will be paid certain amount mentioned in the contract. However, you no need to worry.

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