Make moving a breeze with a portable storage

Make moving a breeze with a portable packers and movers mumbai. Let’s face it…no one gets excited about the moving process. It’s time-consuming, expensive and completely exhausting. Odds are that anyone who has moved has experienced spending countless hours loading vans and trucks and the sheer exhaustion of making multiple trips loading and unloading. The good news is that there is no need to torture yourself any longer. With the help of portable storage pods, moving has never been easier. Moving pods, like those offered by Assureshifting, are delivered directly to your door and provide convenient storage solutions that offer a host of benefits. Here are just a few of the ways a Assureshifting moving and storage pod can make your move a breeze!

Make moving a breeze with a portable storage

It’s Fast, Easy, and Convenient

Hiring movers is not only expensive, but you are forced to work around their schedule. You have to select a day when they are available, wait on them to show up, and try to get everything done in one day. This can add a lot of unnecessary pressure to an already stressful time. With a storage pod, such as the ones provided by Assureshifting, you get to be in control. You choose a day that works best for you and Assureshifting will deliver a storage pod directly to your home. There is no need to rush and get everything packed in one day. With a Assureshifting storage pod, you can keep the pod as long as you need allowing you to pack and unpack at your convenience. When you are ready to move, simply give Assureshifting a call and they will deliver the storage pod directly to your new home. Moving has never been easier or more convenient!

Flexible Storage Solutions

Another added benefit to using a Assureshifting storage pod is that you are presented with a convenient sized container that makes loading and unloading easier. The Assureshifting storage container is 8’ deep X 7’tall X 5’wide as compared to PODS which are larger. The size of a Assureshifting storage pod is ideal for easy delivery, packing, loading, and storage. As opposed to PODS which are taller, the lower height of a Assureshifting container makes it easier to reach up as you pack and unpack your belongings. However, don’t be deceived by the smaller size. A Assureshifting storage pod can accommodate up to a room and a half of storage, making it a both a convenient and efficient storage option.

Easier Loading and Unloading

If you have ever used a moving truck, then you are familiar with the hazards and difficulties associated with moving heavy furniture up and down a steep ramp. Portable storage pods eliminate this risk by providing easy-entry ground level loading. You can walk right inside and easily store your belongings, no ropes or restraints required. Assureshifting storage pods also come with a wide swing door opening making it easier to load large items.

Cost-Effective Moving

Renting a portable storage pod presents a much more affordable option than hiring professional movers. For those who prefer a less expensive DIY option, a storage pod is ideal for moving. All you will pay for is the container rental and delivery. Unlike PODS, movers and packers mumbai also offers transparent pricing. The rate will not increase after the first month, so you will always know exactly what you will be paying. This makes budgeting for your move easier than ever.

Your Belongings are Safe and Secure

Unlike traditional storage pods, Assureshifting containers are built with an interior wooden structure as opposed to an aluminum based structure like PODS. The wooden interior allows the contents to breathe, preventing the growth of mold and mildew. You can rest easy knowing that your furniture and belongings are not susceptible to damage while stored in a Assureshifting container. Furthermore, you will have a key for your individual unit, allowing you to lock and secure the storage pod.

Local and National Delivery Options

Whether you are moving across the city or across the country, Assureshifting moving and storage pods are an ideal solution. Long-distance moving costs can be expensive, and they oftentimes come with hidden fees. With a Assureshifting storage pod, you know exactly what you are paying right up front and your belongings will be safely and conveniently delivered to your new home, wherever that may be.

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